Herefordshire is famous for its cider and perry heritage. Despite its popularity at Beer on the Wye (where 1 in 3 pints sold is real cider and perry) too few of those traditional ciders and perries are found in the county's pubs. Therefore, Herefordshire CAMRA has now launched an exciting and informative project called Press2Pub.

PRESS2PUB has two faces:


It's here to help get more real Herefordshire ciders and perries into local pubs, but it is also a useful reference source of what pubs sell the real stuff. To find out the pubs that are proud to serve Herefordshire real Cider and Perry click here for the Press2Pub Trail. There's bound to be a pub near you!  


It's also designed to assist publicans who share our enthusiasm for this great artisan product. Press2Pub helps unlock the mystery that for too long has surrounded this centuries-old drink. It's a web-based hub with an information portal at its heart, that gives the publican confidence as to where to find it, buy it, and how much it will cost. The information is in an easy-to-use format, so that more publicans will now be able to showcase the very best of this increasingly popular drink.  


Administered and funded by Herefordshire CAMRA, Press2Pub is a pilot project and is an entirely non-commercial operation. There are no charges for using the website and hub, plus there is no expectation to buy anything. Initially there are ten suppliers who fulfil the criteria to supply via Press2Pub, but this number will increase as other cider and perry-makers come onboard. 

Cider and perry from the press into our pubs.

If you are a publican, restaurant, bar & cafe, hotel or attraction that wants to find out more click here

If you are a cider & perry lover and want to know where you can find a drop of the REAL stuff click here to view the PRESS2PUBTRAIL